Development @ Dubai Creek Harbour

Departing from the traditional concept, the infrastructure and development of Dubai Creek Harbour (DCH) reflects a bold new vision that will redefine the notion of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. A mixed-use waterfront community that comes complete with eco-resorts, marina and yacht club, commercial and retail space, it is meant for people with high aspirations.

  • Home to Dubai Creek Tower, a new global icon that is all set to become the tallest building of the world
  • 700,000 square metres of parks and open spaces
  • 200,000 residents
  • 900,000 square metres of the retail district
  • More than 450 variety of preserved animal species

Master Plan @ Dubai Creek Harbour

To start with, this water-front community is master-planned to live up to your general expectations. For instance, it makes way for you to live in a tranquil and serene environment. The intent of the developer here is to create a new infrastructure by merging residential and retail units, to introduce you to a whole new set of lifestyle.

The main objective here is to incorporate elements to create and sustain future communities and bring them close to nature, apart from protecting the precious bio-diversity and ecology.

Key Aspects

  • World-class residences with rich cultural offerings
  • Spreading across 9 districts
  • Fully integrated and sustainable economy
  • Comprising a mix of residential, retail, hospitality facilities

Features @ Dubai Creek Harbour

Considering the size and scale of this mega waterfront development, the features embedded on it are truly majestic. The facilities on offer enable you to lead a fuss-free life. Every aspect is systematically organized to suit your specific need and demand.

  • Dedicated space for retail
  • Exclusive and sophisticated villas
  • A waterfront destination offering great views of the skyline
  • Near to Dubai International Airport and Burj Khalifa
  • Easy access to premium lifestyle hotel
  • 3 bridges assure connectivity
  • There’s plenty for you to explore here and by and large, this flagship residential community does not let you down.

Amenities @ Dubai Creek Harbour

At here you can find some solace and serenity, amidst the chaos of today. The relaxing environment with palm trees and cabanas does help to soothe your senses. Featuring an infinity pool and playing host to a wide range of dining and retail venues, it is here that people have a chance to take a break and unwind, besides spending quality time with friends and family.

The amenities being integrated at DCH do play a key role in helping the residents to assimilate and become a part of this bustling neighbourhood.

  • Access to a private beach
  • Community Pool
  • Fully – Equipped Gym
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Private Courtyard
  • Licensed Bar & Restaurants